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Empowerment Through the Shamanic Journey


Empowerment through

  • Are you ready to access the invisible world in our infinite universe?
  • Are you ready to access your OWN answers to questions about your life?
  • Are you ready to empower yourself to live a richer and more meaningful life?
  • Shamanism is a practice that has been in existence at least 30,000 years and has been used by the ancestors of every culture. In this class you will learn how to journey to non-ordinary reality to get direct spiritual guidance. This is a core shamanic skill used for many different purposes such as divining, problem solving, healing and gathering power. By using the beat of the drum, you will learn how to move into an altered state of consciousness to gain access to non-ordinary reality to get direct spiritual guidance.
  • This is a skill that will empower you on your path of discovery of your own medicine.
  • This will be a fun day of exploring and learning!

Join, teacher(s) from the CENTER FOR SHAMANIC HEALING
for an introductory class:
•    Learn to safely journey to the upper and lower spirit worlds.
•    Connect with your spiritual allies and receive guidance.
•    Do a divination (ask a question) for yourself and someone else.

When: Saturday, JUNE 6, 2009
Time: 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Where:    TBA
Cost:        Sliding scale $75.00-$60.00
Contact:    Suzanne Savage at suzanne@centerforshamanichealing.com
510-482-2566     www.centerforshamanichealing.com

Center for shamanic healing teachers:

Kent Dorsey
Phil Heron

Please make your reservations by June 5th, 2009.
To reserve a place, please send a check for $40.00, or full amount
payable to: Suzanne Savage, 3912 Forest Hill Ave., Oakland, CA 94602

You will need to bring a back-jack if you have one, a blanket and pillow to make sitting and journeying on a floor more comfortable, an eye cover, notebook and pen and a rattle or drum if you have one.  Bring a lunch.  Water and tea will be provided.

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