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Shaman's Drum from Tuva used in Healing

Shaman's Drum from Tuva used in Healing

Welcome to the 2010  Center For Shamanic Healing Blog.  We are a collective of Shamanic Practitioners and healers in the San Francisco Bay Area dedicated to bridging Shamanism and Spiritual Healing into the 21st century as a living, thriving practice. This is a blend of ancient and ancestral wisdom with new direct engagement with spirit.  We offer Shamanic Healing, Instruction and Apprenticeship, Community Ceremonies and Rituals. Personal Ceremonies, Weddings, Transitions, Rites of passage. Shamanic Counseling and Divination. Our mission is to build a heart based community connected to Spirit through direct engagement and experience.

We welcome you to join us in exploring your heart’s path in 2010.  This year we walk a path of empowerment and healing. The time to awaken and claim your whole true self is now. We walk towards personal, community and planetary healing.

2010 is the year to expand what you believe is possible and to create the shift needed on all levels.

Join us in this dance.

In Munay…

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