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 We are often asked what our favorite Books, Audio and Music on Shamanism and Spirituality are.  Rather than offer a list,  here are brief descriptions and links (Click on the Image for more information and to purchase) This is an ongoing project and we will add our favorites.

Sandra Ingerman is one of our favorite teachers and mentors.


Dr. Michael Harner, Anthropologist, created the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and Core Shamanism.  Responsible for initiating an revival and awakening of Shamanism in the West. The Way of the Shaman is the book that started it all.


 Mircea Eliade:  Anthropolgical study that began the Western Shamanic Awakening

Dr. Alberto Villoldo, medical Anthropologist, founded the Four Winds Society. Focus is on Andean and Amazonian Shamanism, Health and Wellness.



Tom Cowan & Celtic Shamanism:

Hank Wessleman:  Hawaiian Influences mixed with Core Shamanism




John Perkins: Amazonian Shamanism (Shuar)

 Core Shamanism: Various Authors



Carlos Castaneda:

Born in 1925 in Peru, anthropologist Carlos Castaneda wrote a total of 15 books, which sold 8 million copies worldwide and were published in 17 different languages. In his writing, Castaneda describes the teaching of Don Juan, a Yaqui sorcerer and shaman. His works helped define the 1960’s and usher in the New Age movement. Even after his mysterious death in California in1998, his books continue to inspire and influence his many devoted fans. Whether read as ethnographic fact or creative fiction, it is the story of a remarkable journey that has left an indelible impression on the life of more than a million readers around the world.&nbsp




Don Miguel Ruiz:  Toltec Wisdom



African Shamanism and Spiritual Traditions:




Other Shamanic Traditions:

Beyond Shamanism: Books that push the boundaries of  Human Potential 

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Science of Mind and New Thought


Michael Bernard Beckwith


 Gregg Braden:

“Gregg Braden is a rare blend of scientist, visionary and scholar with the ability to speak to our minds, while touching the wisdom of our hearts.” — Deepak Chopra, M.D.


Deepak Chropra


John Kehoe


Mathew Fox

Matthew Fox is the author of fifteen books, including Western Spirituality, The Coming of the Cosmic Christ, and Original Blessing. A celebrated Episcopal priest and theologian, he is president of the University of Creation Spirituality in Oakland, California.

Eckhart Toll







Books that open  the Heart

Jalal Al-Din Rumi