Feb 26

How To Heal Toxic Thoughts | Sandra Ingerman |Article and Book


Sandra Ingerman, one of our main mentors, has an article today on  The How to Heal Toxic Thoughts… picked up by the Huffington Post It is great to see a mainstream media outlet respond to this important work.

She also has a book out by the same name… 

Here is an excerpt from the article

All indigenous cultures understand the difference between sending energy, such as anger, and merely expressing it. When someone expresses anger he or she is simply acknowledging the feeling of anger, but the anger has no force or movement that could cause harm to another. In our culture, where we only acknowledge what is happening on a visible level, we deny this other level of awareness, so we send our thoughts like “poison arrows” unconsciously, not realizing the harm we do.

We use the term “sending thoughts” but what kind of thoughts are we sending? Are the thoughts we send to others filled with love, compassion, kindness, and forgiveness? Or are they filled with hate, anger, and fear?

It is important to understand that having emotions and expressing emotions is part of the human condition. We know from research conducted that when we don’t express our emotions illness can occur. As human beings it is our right to have and express the range of feelings from joy and love to fear and anger. Expressing our emotions makes us feel alive. Read More

Sandra wrote the book in “Non-Shamanic” terms hoping to reach a wider audience.  Sometimes it is much more helpful and appropriate to use words that many people can understand rather than those from a Shamanic perspective. Use words to heal… one aspect of Shamanism has always been storytelling. Learn to tell healing stories.

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