Nov 11

Meditation on 11:11 |Channeling Spiritual Information |Shamanism

For the past ten years I have been receiving messages and information from the helping spirits around 11:11.  Both the time 11:11 and the date.  Today is that rare occurrence of hitting 11:11 am/pm on 11/11/2010. I can’t wait until next year… 11/11/11.

Most of this has come through channeled automatic writing and journey work. I would like  to share a small piece of what has been brought through again and again.

“Arise, Awaken and Remember! Arise, Awaken and Remember your Whole True Selves as Radiant Beings of Light. Arise, Awaken and Remember! The Portal is open. The 11:11 is here. Arise, Awaken and Remember! Cross through the Portal… Remember who and what you truly are… Why you chose to come into this world at this time. Arise, Awaken and Remember! Become Re-Membered. The time is now to Shine, to Glow to Radiate your true light, Your true self as one in union with all that is.  Step forward to heal and be healed. Step forward and be a Beacon; shine your full light. No more hiding !!! Shine, Heal, Be Healed, Radiate. In Love and deepest appreciation…”

The above has informed and shaped much of my spiritual path and search these last ten years.  Beginning with Core Shamanism through  the Foundation for Shamanic Studies; continuing with Sandra Ingerman’s exploration of transfiguration and transmutation through her Medicine for the Earth and Healing With Spiritual Light. Associated work with Iranian Master Healer Behrooz Danadoost.

My search has culminated in working with the Nine Great Rites of the Munay-Ki. Each Rite is a step taken to “Arise, Awaken and Remember…”  These rites and transmissions are a rare find of being both a map and path to awakening; as well as being the actual energetic transmissions. For once the Map is the Territory.

Enjoy this Blessed Day.

Yours in Love & Light,

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