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Christina Pratt Why Shamanism Now? Interview: Community Ritual and Ceremony - American Ubuntu Conjure Dance Ritual
Listen to Kent & Lenore on the Radio! (Archived Podcast) We are  interviewed by Christina Pratt for her Why Shamanism Now? internet Radio show. We are talking about the Conjure Dance as community ritual to manifest change and animate social justice through spiritual practice and the American Ubuntu Film project.

Radio Interview: Community Ritual Conjure Dance Kent & Lenore

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Shamanic Organizations

Center For Shamanic Healing
Earth Spirit Way
Shamanic Teachers & Practitioners
Foundation For Shamanic Studies
Society for Shamanic Practitioners
Four Winds Society

Nine Rites of the Munay-Ki Resources

Munay-Ki Rites: Classes Coaching
Munay- Ki  information
Munay-Ki Resources
Sacred Pathways

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Oakland Center For Spiritual Living

Oakland Center for Spiritual Living provides spiritual tools to transform our personal lives and make the world a better place.                          

Shamanic Practitioners and Organizations

Here is a list of Shamanic Practitioners and Organizations we know and trust from around the world.  Please see if they work in your area. The links, listing of practitioners & teachers are provided for further information about Shamanism & Shamanic Healing. They do not constitute an endorsement of the practitioners or teachers. The do provide information about how to locate someone near you.


Name Description Web Site Location State
Spirit Drum  Karen Furr Christ Centered Shamanism.
Spirit Drum, Karen Furr South West AZ
Center  For Shamanic Healing Bridging
Shamanic and Spiritual Healing into the 21st Century | Shaman |Shamanism Berkeley Oakland CA
For Shamanic Healing Blog
Shamanic and Spiritual Healing into the 21st Century | Shamanism
Community, Classes Workshops and Training, information, updates and disscussion. Berkeley Oakland CA
Spirits Song: Shamanic and
Spiritual Healing, Soul Retrieval. Oakland CA
Suzanne  Savage Shamanic
Healing & Teaching Oakland CA
Sarah Dole Shamanic Healing and
Workshops Fairy Bells! Graton CA
Gretchen Grilly McKay Shamanic
Teaching,personal & ancestral healing, African Divination
system of throwing the bones Laguna Beach CA
Flaming Heart Retreat Center – Melinda Abeles A rustic mountain
retreat and shamanic training center, Flaming Heart teaches shamanic
healing practices and offers spiritual guidance, shamanic retreats … Mariposa CA
Phyllis  Andrews Pioneer CA
Shamanic  Circles List of world-wide
Shamanic Circles Santa Cruz CA
Anne Hatfield                    & Stuart Dole Shamanic Teaching,
Other Spiritual Healing & Trainings, Schedule of classes,
Shamanic Healing Santa Rosa CA
Barbara Gray Healing Pathways
for Body, Mind &  Spirit Santa Rosa, Sonoma & North Bay CA
Munay-Ki  Awakening Munay-Ki Nine Rites
of Awakening, Initiation and Empowerment SF Bay Area CA
Rachel  Weitz Shamanic Healing
Classes and Herbal Fun Boulder CO
Renna Shesso Shamanic Healing &
Teaching Denver CO
Barbara  Hass Heartfelt Spiritual
Messages to use daily Gunnison CO
Barbara  Hass Shamanic Classes,
Teaching and Community Gunnison CO
Karen King Certified Healing Arts,
Master Dowser, Ordained Minister, Soul Retrieval Workshops and products Louisville CO
Sacred  Hoop Ministry (Roxanne) Shamanic Healing,
Classes & More! Woodland Park CO
Sylvia  Edwards Offering alternative /
complementarty healing modalities to assist people in moving forward
& beining all they can be. CO
Starr  Potts Energy Healing
& Shamanism Ashford CT
Starr  Potts Energy
psychology & Holistic Psychotherapy, Life dream coaching
& Teaching Ashford CT
Lori  Blackwell Bronze healing angels
inspired by shamanic journey – Healing Arts Noank CT
Michele Bailey-Lessirard The New Moon Journal.
Finding the mystery if you in of paper & glue through the New
Moon collage process. FL
teachers and practitioners
Global list of
Shamanic Teachers and Practitioners Global Global
Global Alliance of
Shamanic Women
Entrepreneurs. Marketing for healers in todays modern
world. Global Global
Shaman  Portal Shaman Portal: The
Global Resource for all things Shamanic Global Global
Alessandra  Capelli Shamanic Coaching &
Shamanic Workshops for Soul Retrieval, Shamanic individual sessions for
healing and knowledge. Florence Italy
Stefania  Montagna Shamanic Teaching
& Healing Verona Italy
Shilo  Satran Shamanic Coaching and
workshops Wichita KA
Shilo  Satran Sacred tools and Power
Objects Wichita KA
Leontine  Hartzell Shamanic & Energy
healing, teaching, star connection, channeled readings, workshops
trainings Andover MA
Carol M  Tunney MD “Remembering Joy”,
Shamanic Healing, Ceremony, & Workshops Williamstown MA
Deanna Slate Stennett Licensed
Acupuncturist, Shamanic Healing, Shamanic Classes Annapolis MD
Deanna Slate Stennett Licensed
Acupuncturist, Shamanic Healing, Shamanic Classes Annapolis MD
Deanna Slate Stennett Shamanic
Healing and Classes Annapolis MD
Caroline  Kenner Shamaninc Healer &
Teacher in Silver Springs, Maryland outside Washington DC Silver Spring MD & DC
Down to Earth –             the Shamans Circle A shamanic collaborative
founded by Nan Moss, David Corbin, and the late Linda Crane, Down to
Earth is dedicated to the teaching of ancient and contemporary shamanic
knowledge. Our aim is to expand our understanding of the nature of
reality, in order to create a more harmonious and balanced relationship
with the Earth and those with whom we share this beautiful world. Port Clyde ME
Spirit  Passages:               Evelyn & Allie Yarmouth ME
Mary  Stoffel Animal Communication,
Shamanic Healing, Classes Isanti MN
Mary  Stoffel Practical
Shamanism, Shamanic Journeying Isanti MN
Desiree  DeMars Shamanic Healing
/ Coaching, Shamanic Art & power objects / tools / Classes Asheville NC
Lesley  Tao Mowat NJ & PA
Conscious  Dreaming Ramah NM
Sandra  Ingerman Articles, Monthly
column, books & CDs, interviews & Classes Santa Fe NM
Hannah Quinn D.O.M. HomeJourney Medicine™ Shamanic Healing & Teaching Santa Fe NM
Cynthia  Crisp Shamanism,
Cranio Sacral, Massage Therapy New York NY
Emery  Forest Shamanic Teaching
& Healing; Vision Quest & Sweat Lodge SW VT
Betsy  Bergstrom Teacher &
Healer Heart Centered Shamanism Seattle WA
Chetna  Helen Lawless Personal Transformation
and Planetary Healing. Shamanic Healing and Teaching in the Colour
Atheneum Dorset Global UK




The Circle of the Sacred Earth-

a church of animism fostering shamanic principles and practices


* Has active ministers in most states and 6 foreign countries

* Supports the practice of direct spiritual revelation through the shamanic journey

* Provides various religious rites such as:

o Weddings (marriages, handfastings, commitment ceremonies)

o Transitions (funerals, rites of passage, adoptions)

o Clearing and dedicating home, land, work space

o Person, place or time specific ceremonies and rituals

* Offers services of spiritual & sacred healing such as:

o Shamanic healing and shamanic counseling

o Healing with Spiritual Light, Shafaw

o Energy healing

* Offers training through some of its various ministers in:

o Shamanism and shamanic healing

Shamanic Healing | Shamnic Training and Classes


Shamanic Drumming CDs: These two books come with great drumming CDs included! Music for Transfiguration:       These are  our  favorite CDs for spiritual healing work.  We use the Ultimate Om to hold space during the First Friday Munay-Ki Community Circle.  This keeps us in an expanded state… great for holding a transfigured state.  Thank you …

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Drums | Rattles | Shamanic Powerphenalia

Drums: Choosing a drum for Shamanic Work  is an intensely personal decision. We recommend that you buy a drum only after playing it.  Drums of the same size and maker are unique. Each has a individual sound and spirit. Which one calls to you? The drum you begin with…  tends to be the drum you …

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