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Choosing a drum for Shamanic Work  is an intensely personal decision. We recommend that you buy a drum only after playing it.  Drums of the same size and maker are unique. Each has a individual sound and spirit. Which one calls to you?

The drum you begin with…  tends to be the drum you carry with you through your shamanic path. Each drum becomes empowered through continued use. We recommend getting a good drum as a beginning student. As with any musical instrument, in the long run it is more economical to purchase one good instrument  rather than a series of  cheap instruments as you go through several “Upgrades”.

There are two main classes of frame drum that we recommend: Natural Hide drums and the Remo Buffalo Drum. For Shamanic Work we recommend a frame drum that is open on the back with rope, leather  or wood braces to hold onto while playing

Remo Buffalo Drum:

The Remo drum is what we use in our classes. This has a synthetic “Skin” that looks like hide and has a great sound. The advantage of a REMO is that it is not affected by humidity, it has a good constant sound. The Remo Buffalo Drums are a good choice if you have to buy one online. They have a consistent quality and sound.  Each drum will take on unique characteristics as you begin to work with it in ceremony.  The skin takes paint well.  We recommend a 16″ diameter drum. the 14″ and the 22″  are also fine. (The 22″ begins to get  heavy.

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 Remo Buffalo Drums

Many local music stores carry the Remo Buffalo Drums.

Hide Drums:

Hide drums have been a part of our human heritage since we began to gather around fires.  Each drum is unique. The choice of type of hide, the wood for the frame and the intent of the maker all infuse the drum with  spirit. Drums are sacred objects and should be created with that intention, while honoring all that have given their life to make this drum; The spirit of the animal who gave the hide, the spirit of the tree who makes the frame and the spirit of the one who makes the drum. You may find drums made from the skins of  Buffalo, Deer, Elk, Cow, Goat, Horse, Moose and Bear.

We have many options of drums from world cultures. In the US we can find many Native American frame drums, Irish Bodhran and Middle Eastern Frame Drums. Again, We recommend that you buy a drum only after playing it.  Drums of the same size and maker are unique. Each has a individual sound and spirit. Which one calls to you?

Tuvan Shaman's Drum
Shaman’s Drum from Tuva used in Healing

Native American Drums:

Cedar Mountain Drums , in Portland OR, makes drums in a sacred way.  Worth a trip to Portland. They also make good rattles and are a great source for supplies.

“At Cedar Mountain Drums, we strive not only to make a quality drum, but a drum which will give voice to you on your own journey with it. Patrick Pinson has been making drums for over twenty years and has shared his technical and spiritual knowledge with a great many persons throughout this time. All of our frame drums, whether made by Patrick himself or one of his apprentices, are made with the utmost of respect and honor for the animal and plant people who contribute to the finished instrument. We construct each drum with love, respect and prayer”.

Cedar Mountain Drums

Tachini Drums

Tachini Drums, custom builder of Native American drums and drum accessories; 100% Native American family owned and operated. We are located in the Flathead Indian Reservation of Western Montana, home of the Salish, Pend d’Oreille and Kootenai tribes. All of our Native American drums and related products are handcrafted by a master Salish/Navajo drum maker using centuries old traditional methods passed down from the ancestors. Listen to the heart beat of Native American tradition the instrument of the Earth, the heartbeat and rhythm of Nature. Tradition, respect, honor, pride and integrity are crafted into each drum.

Tachini is also a good source for rattles, drum beaters and drum making supplies.

Tachini Drums

PO Box 574
Arlee, MT 59821


Here are several online options:

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Middle Eastern Frame Drum


 Irish Bodhran Drums


Djembe drums



Frame Drum / Bodhran Case

Singing Bowls


Crystal Singing Bowls

White Sage Smudge Sticks

Sage Spray

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