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Here is some of our favorite Shamanic Music by a wide variety of artists.  Rather than offer a list,  here are brief descriptions and links to find them (Click on the Image for more information and to purchase).  This is an ongoing project and we will add our favorites.  Drumming for Journeying, Music for meditation and Trance and other ways to expand and maintain an expanded state.  Music for Transfiguration.

Shamanic Drumming CDs:

These two books come with great drumming CDs included!

Music for Transfiguration:

      These are  our  favorite CDs for spiritual healing work.  We use the Ultimate Om to hold space during the First Friday Munay-Ki Community Circle.  This keeps us in an expanded state… great for holding a transfigured state.  Thank you Jonathan Goldman!!!  This will help any Spiritual Healing or Energy medicine modality; Shamanic Work, Reiki, Pranic Healing,  Shafaw and is wonderful for meditation and massage.  (Click on the Image for more information and to purchase)

Here are some other favorites: