Shamanic Friends We Recommend

The Center For Shamanic Healing is located in Oakland, California.  We receive calls and emails from many seekers looking for training or healing from around the USA and the world.

Here is a list of shamanic teachers and practitioners we know and trust.

Yours in Munay,

Center for Shamanic Healing

Munay-Ki information:

Munay-Ki Rites and coaching
Munay-Ki Rites and coaching
Munay-Ki Resources             

Shamanic Resources and Training:

The Center For Shamanic Healing
(CSH Blog)
Foundation for Shamanic Studies
Shamanic Teachers & Practitioners
Society for Shamanic Practitioners

Dr. Michael Harner – Founder FSS

Sandra Ingerman – author,teacher,healer

Kent Dorsey – teacher & healer
Oakland, CA

Spirit Drum –
Healing through Reiki and the Shamanic Arts
Karen Furr    Kingman    AZ

Flaming Heart Retreat Center –
Melinda Abeles
Mariposa    CA

Beth Beurkens, M.A.-
Mt. Shasta    CA

Body Spirit Awareness –
Shamanic classes and trainings in the North Bay
with Anne Hatfield & Stuart Dole
Santa Rosa    CA

Wise Body Awakening –
Let your body’s own wisdom transform your life.
Santa Rosa    CA

Sarah Dole Shamanic Practitioner & Teacher
Sebastopol    CA

Shaman’s Dream-
Dedicated to spiritual growth for the well being
of the both the Sacred Traveler and Mother Earth.
Shilo    Andover    KS

Sacred Tools –
Handmade power objects by Shilo
Andover    KS

Down to Earth – the Shamans Circle
Port Clyde    ME
A shamanic collaborative founded by Nan Moss, David Corbin, and the late Linda Crane, Down to Earth is dedicated to the teaching of ancient and contemporary shamanic knowledge. Our aim is to expand our understanding of the nature of reality, in order to create a more harmonious and balanced relationship with the Earth and those with whom we share this beautiful world.

Spirit Passages: Evelyn & Allie                        `    
Yarmouth,    ME

Conscious Dreaming
Ramah    NM

Jan Engeles-Smith
LightSong School of Shamanic Studies
LightSong Healing Center
Gresham    OR

Vision Voyages:
Personal Transformation and Planetary Healing.
Chetna Lawless      UK

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