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Healing with Spiritual Light

Our healing methods must be updated to deal with modern day illness as the causes of illness today are different than ancient times.   So much of the illnesses we see today,  such as the epidemic rate of cancer and the increase in immune deficiency problems, are a direct result of the many forms of toxic pollution (biological, chemical, electromagnetic and emotional)  in our environment.

The Center For Shamanic Healing incorporates emerging healing modalities with  traditional shamanic wisdom. Our goal is to allow our clients and students to find their own path to wholeness. This work explores our divine nature and our role as co-creators of our world and  teaches how to transform personal and environmental pollution by learning how to transmute negative beliefs, attitudes, and energy which is generated by emotions. The process continues with learning how to work in cooperation with helping spirits and the spirits of the land as well as getting in touch with our own internal divine nature to create healing and transmutation.

The focus of Healing with Spiritual Light will be on learning new methods of healing that can be integrated into your shamanic healing practice. Participants will explore the use of transfiguration (shapeshifting into your own divinity) as well as methods of merging with helping spirits to go beyond traditional healing methods and open them to the power of the universe that knows how to heal and transmute illness.

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