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Power Animal Retrieval | Animal Totems | Shamanic Empowerment

Power Animal Retrieval | A Shamanic Method to restore Lost Power.

Shamanic Healing and Empowerment with Animal Totems

In the Shamanic world view, one of the main causes of illness, dis-ease and discomfort is losing our spiritual power.  This can be part of the process of going through life, a person may lose some of his or her personal spiritual power. This will cause symptoms like depression, chronic fatigue, , chronic illness, a run of bad luck or a series of misfortunes. The shaman will attempt to restore the client’s power, usually by reconnecting the client to a former source of power, often in the form of a power animal or  animal totem.

Shamans believe that upon birth, every human soul receives helping compassionate spirit allies that guide, protect and empower us as we grow.  Many indigenous cultures view these helping spirits as Power Animals or Animal Totems. Through the socialization and conditioning processes of growing up in our western culture, often these power animals & Totem Animals can be lost or forgotten.

Power Animal Retrieval

The retrieval of a power animal is often a very exciting and spiritually awakening event for people and is recommended for people with symptoms such as low self-esteem, fear, loss of vitality and vigor, loss of or inactive imagination, and lack of creativity and enthusiasm.