• Soul Retrieval Healing & Integration Retreat

    Each participant will receive a Soul Retrieval Healing and we will explore follow-up integration work in a loving,  safe,  supportive and sacred group setting.    We will use shamanic journeying,   ritual and ceremony to enhance your experience,  and deepen your relationship with the spiritual world. April 10 – 12, 2015

  • Empowerment Through the Shamanic Journey    Learn Basic Shamanic Journey Skills   By using the beat of the drum, you will learn how to move into an altered state of consciousness to gain access to non-ordinary reality allowing you to receive  direct spiritual guidance.       TBA  All Day Training plus Three evening circles
  • Space Clearing & Shamanic Extraction Healing   We will explore how to clear negative energies and Suffering beings from a physical location: Home, Office,or land. You will be introduced to Several methods of performing a Shamanic Extraction.  Weekend Training : TBA Saturday, & Sunday,  2015
  • Psychopomp Healing: Death, Dying and Beyond   Learn to work in compassionate partnership with your helping “Spirits” in order to assist stuck “souls” to move to the other side, also referred to as psycopomp healing. A shaman heals both the living and the deceased. This training is also for those who wish to be of service in the process of dying, whether to learn for themselves or to assist other’s journeys.  Perfect for Hospice Workers, Caregivers and Family Members who wish to assist in this  greatest human transition. Weekend Training: TBA , 2015
  • Soul Retrieval Practitioner 4-Day Intensive Training  This is a non-residential 4-day advanced training intensive.  TBA 2014. In this week you will learn how to perform the classic shamanic method of Soul Retrieval.
  • Compassionate Clearing    Learn basic COMPASSIONATE CLEARING skills, the healing and psychopomp of “lost souls” that are connected to individual energy fields.  Weekend Training: TBA  2015


Classes, Workshops and Long Term Training

The Center For Shamanic Healing’s wide range of classes and gatherings ranging from an introduction to  the Shamanic Journey to an advanced Soul Retrieval Practitioner Training. Instruction and Apprenticeship, Community Ceremonies and Rituals. Personal Ceremonies, Weddings, Transitions, Rites of Passage.  Shamanic Counseling and Divination. Each 2nd Tuesday of the Month is a Free  Nine Rites of the Munay-Ki Community CircleWalking the Rainbow Bridge, a 9-month   comprehensive beginning Shamanic training. These Workshops, classes, experiential training, initiations and community ceremonies  enrich the comprehensive curriculum that deepens spiritual connection and imparts effective healing modalities.

Our Trainings are co-taught by Kent Dorsey and Suzanne Savage, who bring a unique  blend and balance of the Divine Feminine and Masculine in our Circles. Our healing work and teaching comes from the heart. The Shaman’s path is of the heart.  We step aside and create a sacred space for the Spirits to  work. We have been asked, “What makes the Center For Shamanic Healing’s Classes so unique?”  We offer individualized instruction in a small group setting. We journey on what each Circle needs as a whole and on what each student needs to best support their personal growth and journey on the path to healing or building their healing practice.

The Center For Shamanic Healing has a course of study for you whether this is your first trek into the wondrous realm of shamanic healing or shamanic studies.

Come discover your potential with our heart-centered community!

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Upcoming Class Schedule

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Learn Shamanic Journeying for Self Empowerment

Learn Shamanic Journeying for Self Empowerment Last Chance to Register! Registration Ends Sunday October 18, 2015 at Midnight! Many have felt a calling from spirit and are awakening to make a difference in this world. If you are ready to empower yourself to live a richer and more meaningful life, to access your OWN answers …

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Remembering Our Soul Journey ~ Winter

Walking the Spiral Path Moving into Winter, we honor the North, the time of Union with Source and Transcendence. In shamanic cultures, winter is a time of death, a transition into transcendence.  We remember our Soul Journey beyond roles and personality. We travel beyond time and space to that which is beyond Death. We honor …

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