Sell File Downloads Using a Pre-Written PHP PayPal Download Code

Selling File Downloads: Do you wish to sell downloadable file products on your personal website? Have you been searching the internet for an inexpensive way to sell your downloadable products on the internet? Did you find it? Probably not! Despite the discouraging results you may have already encountered in your stressful search, if you want to be able to sell file downloads on your website, there is a simpler and a much cheaper method that is available to you.

This simpler method is designed specifically so that it does not require that you continue to pay endless monthly fees to some website nor will it take a percentage of any sales you make. This method, unlike the many others that are out there, requires only one final setup.

What is this method composed of?

It is composed of a PRE-WRITTEN PHP Code that you can write yourself or pay someone (a programmer) to write for you. Once that code is written, you can use that one code to sell an unlimited amount of downloadable files from your website.

Now, I understand that most of you that are reading this article probably won’t know how to write a PHP code nor will you even know what a PHP code is.
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That’s alright. You can either find someone else to write one for you, or you can write one yourself (if you are a programmer).

Even if you’re a programmer, writing a PHP code from scratch can be quite cumbersome. But a PRE-WRITTEN code, written specifically for PayPal downloads will get you up and running much faster, within an hour. Once this code is in your possession, you can literally sell hundreds or even thousands of files online, from your own website, without having to waste any unnecessary cash on your new online business.

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